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RT @dralfiee: MT @apa "Depressed teens w/depr care mgr 2x as likely to get treatment” Mirrors @aakomaproject researc…

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@kurtmsnyder like i know i'll look stupid being the only one standing up but at this point i kind of don't care? since it's for my health

Twitter: @caroramsey

[Obama sez] ppl shld jst b able 2 go & if u need health care, get it. UT alt 2 Medicaid expansion stalled via @sltrib

Twitter: @johnathang

Supplemental Health Care #Nursing #Job: OR / OBGYN / Women's Health / Registered Nurse ... (#SANDIEGO, CA)

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RT @FittyHealthy: Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it. Don't let this happen to you. Value it now and take care of …

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RT @Khuriouskitty: The more I workout the more Im attracted to men in great shape. It's hardwork & I respect men that care about their phys…

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