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Brian Williams said he wants to rap some "pre-hearing loss Foxy Brown" and Luda's "Roll Out." JESUS! Lmaooooo

Twitter: @JessGoesBlue

Going to bed, WARNING waking up this woman may result in loss of limbs, hearing, and leave you traumatized for life. You have been warned...

Twitter: @AlwzSweetnSassy

It's never easy hearing about the loss of a good friend. Class clown of all time, talented ball player and a great father is all I can say.

Twitter: @fjavila_23

Feast Your Fat Away: The new rules for fast, permanent fat loss you're not hearing about anywhere else!

Twitter: @LupinaBelle

Doctor-Prescribed Hearing Loss | Mainland Hearing #hearingLoss #hearing #ototoxicity

Twitter: @LiamAitkenJr

Oh dear. Left ear feels like someone is sticking a knife in it and also have partial hearing loss. #oldpeopleproblemZ

Twitter: @TrippinPink

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