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My Bro's having a heart valve replacement & bypass surgery today. Seems his valve problem is inheritable. 1yr older than me, so far I'm ok

Twitter: @questions_faith

We are giant solar batteries with skin . Even a heart surgeon realizes you'll need a jump start after bypass surgery.

Twitter: @nutbasket1947

@bhak_sala well IMO @VishalDadlani wud b the only person who hates Bypass Heart Surgery coz it removes "Block"

Twitter: @chhayank

@workhardbekind1 I am so sorry. My mom had her 1st heart attack at 42, her 2nd and 3rd & bypass surgery at 46. Died of heart failure at 58.

Twitter: @HiddlestonedZ

Got out of surgery just ready for his second which is a bypass heart surgery love him so much

Twitter: @Ty_inyo_face

@joreen95 I had/have heart failure about a month ago. Living on borrowed time now via a triple bypass surgery.

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