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Requesting some positive energy for a friend. They had a heart attack yesterday and are having bypass surgery tomorrow. Thank you so much!

Twitter: @CelestialGuides

Today has been a day for bad news. FiL has to now have heart bypass surgery. Hubs stressed about that. Now my grans kidneys shutting down

Twitter: @myheroin1

Copley’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can help you recover from a heart attack, bypass surgery or stent placement

Twitter: @CopleyHospital

My papa had triple bypass open heart surgery two days ago and I face timed him while he started walking for the first time since. #priceless

Twitter: @catiepherneliax

RT @Janelwilson272: please keep cute little corneal in your prayers this week as he has triple bypass heart surgery ❤️…

Twitter: @KariKariwatson

@ghostfinder 6 days of eggs = $4. 6 days of steak = $40 + whatever heart bypass surgery costs in this messed up country.

Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

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