Topic: Heart Attack
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Heart Attack on twitter
Sitting in the ER and I think this guy is having a heart attack on the low 😳

Twitter: @CrissyChap

Just got stared down by a huge spider.. Closest I've been to a heart attack 😱😱😱

Twitter: @DrOnacious46

Mine and @BarbaraOConnel1 walk today was the most heart attack inducing walk I've ever had #HugeDogsAndCatsGalore 😁😁

Twitter: @XSaidhbhX

RT @Shadziipoo: I'm easily frightened. Please do not attempt to scare me. I will have a heart attack, die and then haunt you for the rest o…

Twitter: @ItSkittlezz

@coldplay i think you want me to have a heart attack

Twitter: @coldbuckinlove

RT @PinkkGlock: “@ThaAlmightyEric:” I'd have a heart attack if I saw this nigga in the bushes by my house

Twitter: @ThaAlmightyEric