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Our tweets will be in history books one day, just you wait. #BeCarefulWithYouTweet #TheyreAlwaysTwatching

Twitter: @TheNames_Hester

RT @charmaineriley: Will this be in history books? Will our kids learn about Mike Brown and the countless black lives lost? Probably not. #…

Twitter: @Nickcourtney91

RT @BrittyDrake: In the future, history books will contain screen caps.

Twitter: @Dr0pDeadEd

@katiegritz life long obsession with history, philosophy, & books. Read constantly, write poetry, essays and stories. Self-published writer

Twitter: @byronNME

RT @carly__murphy: Our kids are gonna learn about this in their history books 50 years from now & you know they're not gonna be reading wha…

Twitter: @briannakatlin

RT @JohnVizz32: I just think About how our kids are gonna be reading about these things in history text books one day and studying all of it

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