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History Books on twitter
Moving today I found one of my pops books #tbt #History #Legacy ♦️

Twitter: @Mook_TheCartel

ugh... don't wanna be reading books for history right now. my brain cannot handle this level of focus i need to be reading XD

Twitter: @ZeldasSavior31

This goes in the history books! lol RT @LiviaLane_88: For once we differ! I should mark a calendar or something 😟

Twitter: @Aricka_Keesh

5* by @RebekahLyn1: one of the best books I have read about the effects of Communism on the average person #history

Twitter: @TeodorFlonta

RT @_joshyoung: @judemacdonald Ford's campaign launch is one for the history books, in the way the Dodo is one for the history books #TOpoli

Twitter: @tillshadeisgone

RT @TeodorFlonta: 5* I can't remember a time in recent #history where I've literally wanted to ((((hug)))) the characters in a #book http:/…

Twitter: @JasonAWilkinson