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“@HappyCampersTHC: Snoop Dogg is feeling the holiday spirit” but it's photoshopped.. His hands are white.

Twitter: @OhSoDanalicious

@LyndseyO13 the holiday spirit is now contained in the clear glass in your hands #Lemonberryka

Twitter: @MountainMan_Tor

Happy sunday handsome :) @brandonicholas spirit for the holiday

Twitter: @RalistaEr

RT @BuckyIsotope: These people at the fertility clinic are pissed I decorated all their eggs. I mean c'mon people, get in the holiday spiri…

Twitter: @xokatie11

Not in the holiday spirit cause school is killing my vibe

Twitter: @therealwoodyb

RT @HappyCampersTHC: Snoop Dogg is feeling the holiday spirit

Twitter: @legend9602

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