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@fbihop I can see that getting old, as well as the fact that what Hollywood DOES mention is often the stigmatized poverty, stereotypes, etc

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“@hollywood_tada: If you don't drink henny you wouldn't understand 😂😂”@miorlano_14 @JdrizzleStacksR @MDeUCeS_2

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RT @thedrewpowell: HELP!!! lost our dog in the studio city/north hollywood area! Please let us know if you see her. "Elsie"…

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@JamesTaylor_com BTW I saw your concert here at Hollywood Bowl and your're as great as ever!!! Pls pls sing "If I keep my 💙 out of sight"✌️

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RT @RayeAvionn: I really don't like this LHH Hollywood 👎👎

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Great piece on #ShawshankRedemption: #GetBusyLiving

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