Topic: Honor Killings
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Honor Killings on twitter
Say NO to honor killings @SwedenforUNHCR which is becoming more legal & acceptable in Sweden. Where is the right to live & love?!

Twitter: @ayaayo92

For folks so concerned w/ preserving "honor", #Gazan fighters are honorless, shameless, cowardly, targeting civilians

Twitter: @MalkahFleisher

Missiology, anthropology, and honor killings. What's the relationship?

Twitter: @dougcoleman17

@akoijam_sunita I think the absence of burnings/honor killings is a good start. But yes, patriarchy does take many forms & it's never good.

Twitter: @indianinterests

@Jim_Peoples_ Has honor killings, anti-semitism, and female genital mutilation become a part of the core of the American persona?

Twitter: @LanceB65

#thehindu This and many other honor killings among both Hindus and Muslims and acid attacks on women are...

Twitter: @vuukle