Topic: Honor Killings
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Honor Killings on twitter
@basharatustad @The_MuslimTimes 1,000 girls&women are victims of ‘honor killings’ each year, and 90 percent face domestic violence #PAKISTAN

Twitter: @kassandra_m

@basharatustad @The_MuslimTimes #Pakistan huge threat to women forced child marriage, acid attacks, punishment by stoning & honor killings,

Twitter: @kassandra_m

@RizqProject @wildgh @hsmoghul @nfl @firstand10nixon @SantaKwas @WajahatAli Wish u cared about honor killings as much as football. #Islam

Twitter: @ProjectBGH

RT @SteveHa_rris: "@drapermark37: Honor Killings are one of the most despicable aspects of #Islam." REAL WAR ON WOME…

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@stephanieparise @Patriotic_Me Those are called "honor killings". These happen here more than what the mainstream media is willing to cover.

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RT @kaitDaGr8: @twt_malaysia A lot of countries have honor killings if you get raped. It's pretty horrendous.

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