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RT @MarvelUK: "I'll have you so deep in horse manure son, you'll need a snorkel" - @Clarkgregg #AgentsofSHIELD

Twitter: @SashaPanda

Comet stinks of rotten eggs, stale booze and horse manure

Twitter: @TotalVideogame

@RiderFanTyler @weezermom Too much Horse manure!!! #GoRiders

Twitter: @WingsRiders

Even through the 'horse manure' calls #TheView prevails 😏💪🏈

Twitter: @emilystaffen

Interesting question - not quite sure about the impracticality of dismounting and then remounting then finding a...

Twitter: @HalleysFeeds

@tanyaboon84 We won't EVEN discuss piles of horse manure, m'kay?

Twitter: @LorrieLife

Horse Manure Books
What Painting Is
James Elkins, $28.14
Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation
Patricia Damery, $13.93
When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green?: And 101 Other Questions About New York City
The Staff of the New-York Historical Society Library, $5.14
Smokey Joe & the General
Edward L Rowny, $26.56