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@Mr_Bundesliga absolute horse manure. Monaco are subsidising his wages because of the tax differentials.

Twitter: @stephenshivey

TV forecasters imagine a future of near-daily weather disasters #climate #change.More horse manure.

Twitter: @deauxpaul

Build a Horse Manure Composting System

Twitter: @nathanvoris

@TracyAChambers @BreitbartNews full of wonderful tidbits of horse manure! A dung beetle wouldn't even roll it!

Twitter: @JasonRickmon

@KathyDaSilva2 @chicagotribune @ACLU Humanism is a lot of horse manure when deal with an enemy who regards sentiments as weakness

Twitter: @jrossman12

RT @CoryHughey: I don't get the appeal of going to a fair. If I wanted to be surrounded by horse manure and white trash, I'd go to a famil…

Twitter: @Case4Cleveland

Horse Manure Books
What Painting Is
James Elkins, $32.51
Once Upon a Time Machine
Lee Nordling, $1.88
Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation
Patricia Damery, $13.81
How to Be the Perfect Horsekeeper
Karen E. N. Hayes, $5.85