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@jimgeraghty @RameshPonnuru @KevinNR Usual deal. We give them each an athletic sock full of horse manure, last one standing wins.

Twitter: @PeterRHealy

@pwoods39 is it strong enough to dig in horse manure or green manure without chopping it down first?

Twitter: @C_Veggie

Dropped my car keys in a pile of horse manure. That's great. #BeIlLetsTalk

Twitter: @heyits_Britney

Silly Law: In San Francisco, it's illegal to pile horse manure more than six feet high on a street corner. (Five feet high? No problem!)

Twitter: @LibertarianMike

.@deaf_erin found a truly astonishing piece of feminist horse manure you cant miss.…" @SarahAHoyt @monsterhunter45

Twitter: @SPQRzilla

@BreakingNews And if you believe that load of horse manure….

Twitter: @WarrenWasson

Horse Manure Books
What Painting Is
James Elkins, $29.57
Smokey Joe & the General
Edward L Rowny, $25.95
Once Upon a Time Machine
Lee Nordling, $14.67