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#Tesco The supermarket that shoved horsemeat on burgers and horse manure on its balance sheet

Twitter: @_newarthill

Refs really are made of horse manure. Push in the back at the 20...but it was after the score..... You can score at the 20 in Derby. 😼

Twitter: @SalthawkPhotos

I've read some serious horse manure today. Everyone has become an expert on everything, from Islamists to military tactic & strategies wow

Twitter: @laseptiemewilay

So the supermarket that shoved horsemeat in its burgers now admits to sprinkling horse manure on its balance sheet

Twitter: @bobinvienne

When you walking into the bathroom and it smells like horse manure 😤🔫🐴

Twitter: @KelvinJrOrtiz

@adamawooga He's horse manure at both goals. Was that Wallace beaten to the cross? He's poor in the air too for a defender

Twitter: @g51_dan

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What Painting Is
James Elkins, $29.71
How to Be the Perfect Horsekeeper
Karen E. N. Hayes, $5.85
Smokey Joe & the General
Edward L Rowny, $27.90
Once Upon a Time Machine
Lee Nordling, $3.97