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Something about @i_am_legend98 at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital & he is bigger than the nurses and hangs off the bed

Twitter: @4boysmom2

RT @PathMEGAzine: Norman Hutchins' Wife Gives Gospel Legend Kidney, Pastor Hutchins Later Flatlines on Hospital Bed

Twitter: @elleboogie208

RT @i_go_dye: DEAR GIRL FRIEND: Don't go out to insult hefty guys. I won't fight back but I promise to be beside U on d hospital bed

Twitter: @Samba_boii

Uve never felt pain until you're sitting aside someone you love's hospital bed, praying for a miracle.

Twitter: @JPerinto

Sitting on a hospital bed in a apron & feckin like a right feckin plum! LOOOOOING for a cuppa! I'll have to wait for the cameraman ;)

Twitter: @thesecondgoing

In a hospital bed, skin so red, don't know if they'll make it or soon be dead, in the morning while the suns yawning,here comes the mourning

Twitter: @Lyricist_IAm