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Hospital Bed on twitter
Critically-ill bride who got married in hospital bed stuns doctors with recovery

Twitter: @KingObiora

“@Emirates247: Patient given bed in hospital toilet...” Our #NHS remember #Olympics2012 ?

Twitter: @SimonVelocity

Patient given bed in hospital toilet...

Twitter: @Emirates247

@Brittany_Munk1 @TheAwesome_Munk Come sleep with me tonight in my hospital bed please baby

Twitter: @SevilleJessica

Tough just laying here knowin my dad laying up in a hospital bed in pain. Nobody there with him. These the type of things that mess with me.

Twitter: @Bcurt1364

@aanchalator @arfunnnnn On her hospital-bed, Nirbhaya had LUCIDLY asked that her tormentors be burned-alive. Afroz should combust !

Twitter: @a_truthsayer