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seeing my little brother all down on a hospital bed breaks my heart 💔

Twitter: @Pazmino__emily

@_poppelgaard 4 my last day on earth, if I'm old and in a hospital bed, someone will bring me legos to put together! From cradle 2 grave

Twitter: @douglasabrown

@zoeerichiee well I'm sorry that I have a kidney infection!! Would you rather me be in a hospital bed?!

Twitter: @julzz_muhnamana

Blog Post: #BarbaraCrampton #ReAnimator #Hot #Cute #Hd #PosingHot #Gorgeous #Doll Barbara Crampton Re Animator

Twitter: @nudecelebmobile

Seriously wish I could have robbed the bed I slept in when I was in hospital for 2nights last week. It was so comfortable, NHS forever

Twitter: @dobbojenks1974

@ChrisGCEO_jail *I curl against you as you carry me to the bed, did I have any pj's, I didnt want to wear a hospital gown*

Twitter: @HisSubmissive

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