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Housing Bubble on twitter
@RBS_Economics hopefully the housing bubble will burst soon. No government bailout using taxpayers money either please.

Twitter: @daveigoe

@tomashirstecon & tackling, nay, even slowing, the perennial housing bubble would be a miracle? @Frances_Coppola

Twitter: @PunkSunflower

@GeorgeRousos Happened in every housing bubble in the past..aka, merely history repeating itself. @ProfSteveKeen

Twitter: @linzcom

APRA crackdown popped housing bubble, claims developer -

Twitter: @VandaFinance

The madness of George Osborne #Housing #Bubble #UKInflation #Gideon

Twitter: @DuSoliel

@richardcalhoun Corbyn at least has plans to tackle housing bubble - that's different @jonathanharmer @andymonk2015 @smithnicole896 @CityAM

Twitter: @PunkSunflower