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I should claim these pussy niggas on my income tax

Twitter: @YaBoyJuanJuan

RT @Darrelljames74: @GhostOfPJK I like it. I dont understand why ppl with $10m in super pay no tax on income when retired

Twitter: @narelleford

Mississippis proposed plan to create a 15% earned income tax credit for low-income working families is a very good idea.

Twitter: @_smallthgnis

Next to being shot at and missed, nothing is really quite as satisfying as an income tax refund. ― F. J. Raymond

Twitter: @no1skylinefan

RT @GhostOfPJK: #BoomSurplus Reinstate pre-Howard income tax levels for the the top 3 brackets. #auspol

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RT @PoliticalLaughs: Remember When There Wasn't an Income Tax and People Still Had Roads and Schools? ⇒

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