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RT @jairajp: Gujarat #SnoopGate Probe on hold; UPA defers it to next Govt MatchFixing... Congrats Vadra!…

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#NaMO fans must be rejoicing at hate politics of vile #PraveenTogadia who in any decent state would be behind bars

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RT @dna: 1984 riots guilty remain unpunished: Arun Jaitley

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auto complete email address in outlook 2013

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RT @Irfanomania: Praveen Togadia, Amit Shah, Giriraj Singh and then, Narendra Modi. What are we upto? To make India another Pakistan? #elec…

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RT @mehtahansal: I am neither a millionaire nor am I a celebrity. I am a common man, a citizen of India who also makes movies.

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