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RT @amritabhinder: Sikhism: India’s Response to Muslim Fanaticism Creation of Khalsa

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@smfarhad @Mamdhata @digvijaya_28 "After partition India belongs to everyone except Muslims. They have already taken their share."


RT @BBCNewsAsia: Elephant art goes on sale at Indian gallery to raise money for endangered animals:…

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Bring it on winter, we are all ready for you!

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JACAS calls off 1000-hour bandh in Assam - Indian Express #Assam

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@harjitchahal84 @DheerajGbc @NiranjanSpeaks @yugpurushg @Jatt_Boy_ @VJ0DJ @anandpassion @tapan_dalai @AAPkSaath & india gave 4 seats to AAp

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