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RT @thei100: Stop what you're doing right now and appreciate this map...

Twitter: @helen080906

@NewerDCD also he legit just reinforced rule #37 of the internet - there are no girls, just guys pretending to be girls.

Twitter: @thenekonomicon

RT @AirFramesImagin: Internet beck on line so back later with. some uploads Meanwhile, website is working normally:

Twitter: @NZAircraftFan

RT @BrettKeeble: @mallontj @KurtGids @NRLKnights And how a plodding journo on deadline and having internet issues can't reply to tweets for…

Twitter: @JJArmstrong46

IT is now @​

Twitter: @Internet_Time

RT @FamousFangurl: parents: don't talk to people on the internet me: okay *signs up to twitter* *chats with strangers* *becomes bestfri…

Twitter: @lukes_lxugh

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