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Watch when Canada brings Internment Camps back but this time for Muslims.. 😤🔫🔪💣

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@ChristineEwing7 Nazi concentration camps were a vehicle for exterminating a demographic, our internment camps = exemplary punishment camps

Twitter: @Tafkao

@ChristineEwing7 Internment camps can be for polulations of any size, such as gulags in the USSR

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RT @BackOnTrackUSA: @geoffwomack @RebellionReport @DuffelBlog @BarackObama We have our own Muslim problem. Better get the FEMA internment …

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@antipretty_yyc I don't know about mass internment camps, but 850 were accused of being Nazi spies & kept in Camp Petawawa.

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@crotchmaster haha, should have thrown them into internment camps.

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