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@Louise_murphy2 flying to Ireland Bruv

Twitter: @RachelAmanda25

RT @Harry_Styles: Pablo says I should specify that at the moment it is only the UK and Ireland... Thanks Pab.

Twitter: @teuta_berisha

Me, the only #bride in the city without boyfriend... #halloween #dublin #Ireland

Twitter: @fgrachiii

RT @BoondockSaintIR: @SiaraTyr #Ireland #regulator checkin in for #toastandpost! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL #ROOKIES N #REGULATORS!!! :)

Twitter: @MirjamMcManus

IreRus John O'Shea has been ruled out of Ireland's game against Russia due to calf replacements have been called up.IreRus

Twitter: @BrysA026r

RT @mrswilliams2k: @Joppe_007 @ToniaLavender the #SaveDallas brought Ireland,Sweeden&America together. love chatting with u 2.

Twitter: @lsakre

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