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RT @nuneatonmasjid: @mabwatjohnson Dua for new year 1436AH "YA ALLAH! LET THE CRESCENT RISE OVER US WITH SECURITY, IMAAN, PEACE & ISLAM" h…

Twitter: @mabwatjohnson

RT @GordonNore: I'm an atheist, but #billmaher's anti-Islam kick is getting on my nerves. He's crossing the line of reckless bigotry.

Twitter: @fleurdelis6633

JEWSNEWS » Islam permits marriage to first cousins, here are the horrific results of their interbreeding

Twitter: @SerbanDaniela18

@AWarriorCitizen @spencerthomass1 @Solangii33 @Redeynaseem Label it as you will. I am Common man living under common law .Not ISLAM

Twitter: @APracy

RT @ahasnoor: Ok FINALLY someone wrote it all down "5 things idiots believe about #Islam & Muslims which aren't true"…

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RT @AhmadWazirAiman: No matter how sweet you are with each other, your relationship means nothing if you're not married. Islam does not ack…

Twitter: @nanadhirah