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RT @shahid_siddiqui: There is no hereditary Imamat in Islam. Bukhari by appointing his son as his Jnasheen is doing an unislamic act. He h…

Twitter: @KP099

RT @3Quarters2Day: Ex-Muslim; Truth About Islam: Wife Beating, Homophobia, Killing Apostates, Fear, Violence, Hatred

Twitter: @Dusseldorf_Br

RT @jameelajamil: I'm not a Muslim, but I've studied Islam, I've read the Quran, and it is so sad to see how extremists have bastardised a …

Twitter: @itsmagan_

Good for Germany! Finally waking up to the evil that is Islam. Ban Islam and deport all Muslims who refuse to...

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RT @obinoavey: #Iraq - Iraqi Shia army running over an elderly woman & a teen with an American tank. Where is the uproar? #Islam http://t…

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RT @biyaali57: O' Muslims! Is there any humanity left in us? Is Blood Shed what Islam teaches us? #ShiaGenocide #ShiaSunniUnity http://t.c…

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