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UK: Sharia-compliant Tesco stores ban Israeli products | BARE NAKED ISLAM

Twitter: @Yonadav7

“@DrAQ_Khan: first monarch of Soudi Arabian Royal family gave land to Israel, & they still continue to harm Islam

Twitter: @DrAjwad

RT @wishlistNandita: I am Nadia Nandita Islam from Bangladesh. I support #ProtectGaza @gazaglobal

Twitter: @mia_asad

RT @_BuildTheMasjid: Heaven and hell are both filled with sinners. The only difference is one group repented, and one didn't. #Islam #Relig…

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@IslamABlessing @BeckyJohnson222 @Shahad_islam @Rrrrnessa what illegal occupation? Jews left Gaza in 2005 as part of land for peace deal

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RT @bilalmahmooduk: When genocide is permissible. Police along with arsonists enjoying #GujranwalaKillings. #Gujranwala #Ahmadiyya Islam ht…

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