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RT @PatDollard: ISIS Calls Kerry 'Old Uncircumcised Geezer,' Corrects Him On True Islam

Twitter: @IgnusBosch

@LebanOsman @salsabeel_islam wallahi I wouldn't, Henry is better but I love Droggy

Twitter: @Jubthe4th

RT @ConservativeGi3: Islam. Religion of peace.

Twitter: @cdn2010

i dont know how im listening to marilyn manson i swear it was just on backstreet boys

Twitter: @Nadia_A_Islam

RT @SantapanMinda: Islam is not about 'we're better than you'. Islam is about 'let me show you something that is better for you'.

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RT @LethalBizzle: 💪 “@xHasan_Islam: @LethalBizzle @syndicate Dench tour leaaaaveitt!”

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