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RT @waiyza: These Spanish-speakers were delighted to find books on Islam in Spanish! @MiamiIslam @MiamiBookFair

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@DemocrWatchdog Islam has no unification between Sunni and Shia. Islam has no peace without war. Islam has no purpose without conquest

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RT @Truthr: @alizinaty @vsaluki Mad misguided Fanatics of ISIS and Talbaan are just a tiny minute minority and in no way they represent Ge…

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RT @VAtWorkboard: Shahed Islam, @sjinnovation, used @WorkboardInc for a stress-free #vacation. Find out how:

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#Islam has never been the problem." To Stop #ISIS, We Must Understand The #Psychology of Radicalism #HumanRights


RT @Phil_Kammer: I want you all to know the truth about Islam - #tcot #EU #World #arab

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