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Islam on twitter
RT @ParastouY: Why is our sacred emblem so important to us? Watch this short video to understand #TakeOffJustLogo #…

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@matthewdegeorge Truth About Islam

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#Beauties of #Islam - #Equalities of #Men and #Women in #Islam (Sheikh Yusuf Estes)

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@ushadrons Denmark!!! Show me a video of Muslims standing against radical Islam in the UK please? @TomEcho6

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Bill Maher Takes Aim at Islam After ISIS Beheads U.S. Journalist via @mediaite Bill Maher is a big fat idiot @bffishe

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@SenRandPaul Obama MUST declare war against Islam, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Benghazi and beheading Americans is war against USA, not to be dithered.

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