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toma aqui tem pulse israel pato banton black uhuru wailers dennis brown shabba ranksss

Twitter: @theo_gb

RT @DavidShadi: Even when he is in Israel Joey remains the funniest kid

Twitter: @jbztwentyfour

RT @cegore65: The Eternal One of Israel does not lie or change His mind, for He is not man who changes his mind! 1Sam15:29

Twitter: @JmeNicoleHorner

@RisingRedStorm @Israel @onelpeleg @ElinHege @AviMayer no it was called Palestine and has been since 500BCE.

Twitter: @Andre_D_A

I believe evolution came full circle when America let lying, deceiving anti-Israel, anti-America Communist Islamist demagogue, Hussein Obama

Twitter: @JoeCienkowski

The goddess Asherah (Astarte) - is the name of the wife of the God of Israel?

Twitter: @evhawaii