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@RAINBOWMAN96 they have places to go believe me israel sets up camps for them in southern gaza not even a long walk for them

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RT @All4Hamed: Israel sniper kills five-year-old Palestinian #disgusting #gaza #Stopisreal #gazaunderattack #supportGaza…

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Trend for the future? > Among Americans under 30, 29% say Israel is most responsible vs 21% who blame Hamas.

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Israeli strikes target symbols of Hamas power: Israeli aircraft, tanks and navy gunboats pounded symbols of Ha...

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RT @CoreyRobin: Israel's defense of the Gaza war has shifted from rockets to tunnels. Why? 2/5

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RT @imPalestine: I'm not sure how to describe what I'm hearing. I just can't find the right word. I can only think of Finkelstein's Israel-…

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