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Israel on twitter
RT @stevekuriigamba: #Israel’s #US-Made #Military Might Overwhelms #Palestinians

Twitter: @MwesigyeRoberts

RT @YasminMogahed: In case u thought ur social media posts didnt matter.Israel provides scholarships for posting Pro Israeli propaganda: ht…

Twitter: @nasbabak

RT @RT_com: At least 117 Palestinians die on Thursday in #Gaza strikes, death toll 797, incl 200 children http://t.c…

Twitter: @mac_dan9erou5

RT @ThisIsGaZa: did you know? Gaza fighters killed 50 invading israeli SOLDIERS, no civilains! israel murdered 800+ 90% r civilians #Suppo…

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RT @IsraelMFA: "The next government of #Gaza should be one that invests in schools, #health clinics and houses, not in tunnels." http://t.c…

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RT @Za1d: #PrayForIsrael is trending!? Why pray for Israel? Oh wait yeah.. pray that the zionists don't get burned in hell fire. Good point.

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