Topic: Jamie Nieto
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Jamie Nieto on twitter
@Jamiebower I love you Jamie, happy birthday 💕 my cellphone password is your birthday 😂

Twitter: @clarissa_nieto

@ViewFromBensch haven't seen Nieto crashing the net the way wingels does. Like jamie said if you cant score what you bring for the offense?

Twitter: @SharksRadar

Congrats @JArrieta34 on NL Cy Young

Twitter: @jamie_nieto

president nieto looks a lot like jamie dornan in some pictures i'm laughing

Twitter: @katnissrnellark

Enrique Pena Nieto looks like Jamie Dornan when he gets older

Twitter: @JamCervania

So at APEC people are going crazy that Pres. Nieto of Mexico looks like an older Jamie Dornan. #apechottie

Twitter: @dmjd11