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RT @Tejash__P: How can PM of India gift Quran to the PM of JAPAN, when Quran has no direct relation with country or PM of Both nation?

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@velisha_solon --tone. "If you where in feudal Japan you would have been sentenced to harakiri!"

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RT @SMTownEngSub: #HappyJoyDay Top 6 Locations with Most Tweets: #1 Thailand #2 Indonesia #3 US #4 Japan #5 Philippines #6 Korea http://t.c…

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Japanese space #scientists to launch the 1st asteroid #mining program

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PM inaugurates TCS Japan Technology&Cultural Academy Soukoukai by beating ceremonial Japanese Drum

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China & japan distrust each other a lot, but Trade b/w China and Japan was $334 bn. Indo-Jap bilateral trade $18 bn

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