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GET MORE F0LL0WERS► #WeRunTogether Spring Break Kenya Hawaii FCAT #FaZe5 #IGotAThingFor

Twitter: @muhammetalikunt

I'm so glad that Porsha snatched the hell out of Kenya. I would have done the same, without apologising.

Twitter: @Sandii_k12

“@Diamsraven: Tbh i don't condone fighting but kenya's been talking trash about porsha for so long #RHOAReunion” Kenya deserved what she got

Twitter: @outspokenkimmie

SHE WILL GET A CHECK FROM @ANDY HIMSELF RT @HOT9 Should Porsha get kicked off RHOA for fighting Kenya? #larism #cnn


I will never dislike anyone on tv as much as I dislike Kenya #RHOAReunion

Twitter: @temilondon

RT @obamakimber: I'm annoyed that Andy wants Porsha 2 apologize, but never said a word about Kenya's provocation & her "props". #RHOA #RHOA…

Twitter: @Hawamel