Topic: Kidney Stones
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Kidney Stones on twitter
RT @ClevelandClinic: Signs of a possible kidney stone include: - burning - bloody urine, and -

Twitter: @onurryilmaz

Now my husband is in emerg because of either a hernia or/and kidney stones. OK KARMA, what have I done wrong?who have I pissed off? Enough!

Twitter: @alacealace

Kidney Stone Remedy: Learn how to dissolve your kidney stones and pass them painless from home within 24 hours.

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RT @mnt: Kidney stones may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke #kidneystones #heartdisease

Twitter: @kidneystories

@BitchIm4Hunnit he had kidney stones and it just got worse and worse.

Twitter: @AnteriaRenee

I would rather have kidney stones than whatever pain I'm having from my ribs 😭

Twitter: @lagoines