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RT @TheSpoonyOne: Yes, thank you, Internet-full-of-Dr. Houses, kidney stones had not occurred to me.

Twitter: @Driver_270

I swear if I have more kidney stones 😣😩

Twitter: @TaylorWilhelm

@albinoathedisco no, they just appear and fall out they're like kidney stones, you get them if you drink too much coffee

Twitter: @thenames_becs

Noodles is love, noodles is life. I don't care kidney become stones~ :3 Nom nom nom nom~ #MalaysianFoods :3 — eating Noodles

Twitter: @MarkuRoidaKun

@TruelyKayla43 uhh, yeah kidney stones 😘

Twitter: @_bpeeler

@_bpeeler Your kidney stones ?

Twitter: @TruelyKayla43