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@tejedakern he was laying on the ground crying when I got home. He has kidney stones and maybe a kidney infection.

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Dissolve Kidney Stones Recipe :) from rawforbeauty. com At first symptom of stone pain: Mix 2 oz of Lemon...

Twitter: @marialin43

@MrGoalie35 good, need to pee first, damn pain pills the side effects are kidney stones.

Twitter: @RobMyers1968

@pstokesbooks when my dog had kidney stones we were so worried it's really so important to have a good vet that doesn't take advantage 1/2

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@dkemper71 @Jeri_DeAnn_Beal or a thyroid nodule their gonna stick with a needle AND kidney stones 👎what are we talking about? #MidConvoSwag

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RT @AllinaHealth: Drinking plenty of water will lower your risk of kidney stones:

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