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RT @NMStats: Nicki Minaj is the second female rapper to have the most awards with 64 total so far more than Lil'Kim with 26 total

Twitter: @glen_conley

RT @natalieconley: “@KardashianReact: And what is Kim?” @sydney_conley @caseyconleyy

Twitter: @sydney_conley

“@KardashianReact: And what is Kim?” @sydney_conley @caseyconleyy

Twitter: @natalieconley

RT @FandomBattles: RT for Beyoncé FAV for Kim Kardashian

Twitter: @glen_conley

RT @ManCandyPics: Forget Kim Kardashian and her issues let's look at Brody Jenner 💘

Twitter: @HannahR_Conley

You know Kim Jong un is announcing North Korea's LLWS victory on their tv right now

Twitter: @conley_conley