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@ReboundKaijou I don't want to feed you. Eat or I'll throw your xBox from the window.-take his steps to the Kitchen, leaving Hayakawa alone-

Twitter: @kaijoumegane

Mums got kitchen window and the back door wide open and is claiming it isn't cold, r u ok

Twitter: @_caitlinandrews

My neighbor closed their window to their kitchen so now I can't hear the chisme 😂

Twitter: @brittt____

..besides the window so I can read while stalking people n having hot choc in the morning. a small kitchen for me to bake cuz I dnt cook.

Twitter: @AimanJuperi

Wow a dove has just landed on my kitchen window ledge and looked in at me!

Twitter: @DivineMrsL

we hav the package noodles instead of cup of noodles but I heard like moaning outside the kitchen window n I got scared so im in my room now

Twitter: @katlyfff