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I might have to stick to mostly haunted hayrides this year. With this knee injury I'm not sure how this will go 😩

Twitter: @Baby_Romiieer

@EduardoMesa_ my form is good. Shoulder was more of a re-injury, knee was basketball, elbow and back were gym. But form is always on 💯

Twitter: @BrandonDMills

RT @Tennis: Reason for Li Na's retirement: a new left knee injury. @Kamakshi_Tandon reports:

Twitter: @Yordy_89

#40chug4 J. Staal: knee injury, undrafted. A. Edler: puck to face, Superteam.

Twitter: @RealSLEAZY

Left shoulder, right knee, right elbow and now lower back injury all in a span of 6 months. Gym is messing me up 😔😭

Twitter: @BrandonDMills

The only problem I have with rain is that my knee injury hurts 10000000000% more. 😭😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @alexis_x0x