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In economics the people in the labor force are the suppliers of labor. In 2005, the worldwide labor force was over 3 billion people.US Central Intelligence Agency
The. Accessed June 17, 2007.Normally, the labor force consists of everyone of working age (typically above a certain age...
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Getting ourselves acquiescent for task force eligibility obtrusion farmer-labor party: oMvwxUb

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RT @CTULocal1: Labor Notes: Chicago Teachers Force Rahm into a Runoff

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Intensive security measures are in force to seize foreigners who violate the Kingdom’s labor laws, said a Jeddah...


EXCHANGE: Business close ties help students into labor force

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People are getting older/retiring, technology reducing human jobs...Still, labor force participation rate has been in free fall. Not good!


Labor force participation once equaled a strong economy, now the "intellectuals" tell us it's no big deal and asset prices are what matter.