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In economics the people in the labor force are the suppliers of labor. In 2005, the worldwide labor force was over 3 billion people.US Central Intelligence Agency
The. Accessed June 17, 2007.Normally, the labor force consists of everyone of working age (typically above a certain age...
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.@WE_Williams: as recently as 1940, black Americans had higher marriage & labor force participation rates than white

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@artsydenise @ZelaMorre There are still orphanages in America. Not that force the kids to be slave labor, but places for kids w/o family.

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Licensed Moving Services, 24 hour availability, JNJ Labor Force LLC, Labor Only includes movers, tools, stretch wrap, hand truck, lifting s…

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#OWFacts About half of the labor-force in Bahrain is foreign

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70% of labor force in coffee is women! Only 15% own and run coffee farms.Costa Rican Women & The Coffee Industry

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The highly skilled work force needed may not always come from a 4 year college: #highered #educationmatters

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