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In economics the people in the labor force are the suppliers of labor. In 2005, the worldwide labor force was over 3 billion people.US Central Intelligence Agency
The. Accessed June 17, 2007.Normally, the labor force consists of everyone of working age (typically above a certain age...

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@ben_guwop it's true tho if I was cool with lots of physical labor id be all over joining the air force 😂

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USD Labor Force Participation Rate Date:Fri Aug 1 12:30 GMT Importance:Medium Actual: Forecast: Previous:62.8%

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A happier workforce is a more #productive workforce. How are the labor laws in UK going to change #productivity

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@tori_johnson16 you can come to my lock were i lock you in my basement and force you to do hard labor

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@redsteeze Wilson buried in Jan. 1984: Unemployment: 8% Labor force participation rate: 63.9% Today: 6.1% and 62.8%.

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No, Cutting Unemployment Benefits Didn’t Boost North Carolina’s Workfo ..ThinkProgress ProgressiveBlogs

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