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In economics the people in the labor force are the suppliers of labor. In 2005, the worldwide labor force was over 3 billion people.US Central Intelligence Agency
The. Accessed June 17, 2007.Normally, the labor force consists of everyone of working age (typically above a certain age...
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@S_Rabinovitch @gadyepstein @greg_ip You can do your own estimates using the UN data at Ch labor force peaked 2010

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People Not In Labor Force Surges To 92 million

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Let's put out our flags and celebrate America's labor force! and Sarentony divisible sheets & appliques!

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RT @Tosh_Tiwari: @Sshankara Tried & tested technique of Vatican School of Management==>Elevate "Local" Managers 2 motivate Local Labor forc…

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RT @PJKirk7: REAL Unemployment 20%; LONGTERM UNEMPLOYED & 92,584,000 Not in Labor Force Sets Worst Record in Century

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RT @kjiwelondon: @Hlth_Literacy"Labor force participation and secondary education of gender inequality index (GII)...

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