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RT @zisorurynak: Unlike Myself, My Opponent Wants An America Where Corrupt Labor Unions And Rupert Murdoch Yes-men Can Undermine Our Postag…

Twitter: @povolofohor

Hoping Faulkner doesn't pick the essay question about labor unions bc i don't know anything about it

Twitter: @MeganBerntsen

RT @Taniel: Big: NLRB rules to speed up unionization elections, depriving businesses of common stalling tactics.

Twitter: @quorumdecorum

Labor Unions Sue To Halt Emanuel Pension Reform From Taking ...

Twitter: @REmanuelNews

Really? Labor unions have such a vice grip on this Admin's nuts that they warrant a mention in Obama's Cuba speech. Unreal.

Twitter: @clutch14

RT @soqopyguvaxig: When I'm Elected, I'll Make Sure Chilean Miners And Corrupt Labor Unions Can't Undermine Our Christian Traditions. #ipad…

Twitter: @sunynulajoj

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