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@angelo2711 Am thinking South African labor oversupply makes strike-breaking easy. Rife SA corruption might easily compromise unions.

Twitter: @IanNieves

@angelo2711 So great is the 'oversupply' of labor in South Africa, I'd think it would be total 'buyer's market'. Do unions stand a chance?

Twitter: @IanNieves

RT @SkepTicuss: @AbrennaBrennan @ccar1259 @DanWosHere @RichardMarlesMP @jrajca @craigless2 Labor/Unions are calling for the "worthless accu…

Twitter: @AbrennaBrennan

@AbrennaBrennan @ccar1259 @DanWosHere @RichardMarlesMP @jrajca @craigless2 Labor/Unions are calling for the "worthless accuser" to be stoned

Twitter: @SkepTicuss

@soapjackal @BronzeAgePerv @derekmhopper But it could not exist w/o labor unions, mass media, nation-states, and other Leftist innovations.

Twitter: @Rebel_Bill

RT @AndrewSCasey: In Israel, Cooperative Restaurants Put Politics on the Menu #ausunions #1u #unions #labor #p2

Twitter: @ianlisser

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