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"Workers want to see power...Unions won’t regain it by complaining." via @TheProspect

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Australian unions like CFMEU hide behind concocted occupational health safety dealing in control & reprisal, they own Australian Labor Party

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[Amazon]Classic Labor Unions Films 3 DVD Box Set: 1940s - 1950s American Labor Union Relations, Workers Rig…

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RT @SeanMcElwee: The best kept secret in US is that unions have had robust public support for almost a century. http…

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Big Labor: History of Corruption – #14A❤#ProLife ►#ISIS_Genocide✝#180KChristians◄ #StaceyDash #tcot #patriots

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United plumbers union was trying to be a political party at a Buderim booth so more dirty tactics from Labor & Unions #qldpol #qldvotes

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