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RT @RuckerEnt: Labor Of Rage:

Twitter: @LilMALady

RT @TheAviator1992: Newspoll for #nswvotes with responder-allocated prefs is 52-48 to the Libs. ABC calculator gives 49 Lib, 40 Labor seats…

Twitter: @Eschertology

Labor, developers reach deal on proposed NFL stadium

Twitter: @TitansAllNews

@bugwannostra Seeing she's Labor you have to wonder! 😒

Twitter: @knarfnamduh

RT @MAHAMOSA: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”-#MLK Good read-> #activism …

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But the donkey voters aren't. Or wi protest to #greens. #stupid “@wallrad: #pmlive even labor are ashamed of labor”

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