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RT @Tajha14: "@Pg_Odyssey: @Tajha14 😂😂😂😂😂😂 are you in labor ?" Am I the Daddy face ass

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#auspol Peter Dutton on Seven Morning News 29 October to discuss Labor's proposal to cut Medicare rebates

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RT @AxlerodDavid: @totalprat @wallaceme only jokes targeting the evil Tories & ukip. Any jokes about Ed & Labor, we will be justifiably out…

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Housing labor shortage turning more severe, boosting home prices - If your builder is... #NationalAssn #PaulEmrath

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"Master blazer, mister hell raiser, cacked from hard labor"

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@ConradLiveris @Drag0nista Not so! But experience of Labor with Gillard a timely warning that not all women are up to the job. Bishop is!

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