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RT @johndory49: Joe Hockey and his colleagues talk about past Labor Govts to defend Abbott! When do they stop?!! Its laughable. #auspol

Twitter: @ianw84

RT @MrDenorris: Labor: not interested in avoiding cost blow outs. Not with Medicare, immigration, NDIS, NBN, Gonski. Piss $ away until it's…

Twitter: @sNotWorking

😂😩😩😩 guuurl RT @MyNameChanged: #Scandal is going to make me go into labor 😩😩😩😩😩😩

Twitter: @Lovemy_natural

RT @TheTateMartell: I'm not transferring! I will be at Bishop Gorman for the rest of my high school career! Link 👇 h…

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@stilgherrian @bugwannostra a bunch of neo-fascist Luddites in Canberra ... worries me the Labor party seem part of the cheer squad

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RT @YaThinkN: "Labor will fall just short of victory, there’s just a chance of a very nasty surprise for the LNP" #Q…

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