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RT @PeterGleick: .@MichaelBTI @femspired No. Evaluated side by side, coal is far worse in just about any measure. Health, climate, labor, e…

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عبادتك Unlike Myself, My Opponent Wants An America Where Corrupt Labor Unions And Smelly Hippies Can Make A Mockery Of Our Mcmansions

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alguien Unlike My Opponent, I Support Our Innocent Grandparents, Our Mcmansions And Our Right To Exploit Cheap Overseas Labor.

Twitter: @fowasofinafux

Vigil for Peshawar has grown a fair bit. Few hundred people now. Don't know why a NSW Labor backbencher has to speak though.

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RT @howiexxx: #thenation #auspol LABOR NEED MUSLIMS READ THIS

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@davidsung200 @Radoineru_ Doug Larson~ If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.

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