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RT @Super_Cynthia: [auditions for laundry detergent commercials just so I can splash brightly colored food on myself on purpose]

Twitter: @jenyb4

RT @tarashoe: did you know that if you replace laundry detergent with dish soap i accidentally broke your plates in the washing machine

Twitter: @AhdingPangiit

RT @mail4rosey: RT @mail4rosey @Purex Who wants to try the New #Purex laundry detergent? #Giveaway #PurexInsiders 3 winners…

Twitter: @sunnysprinkle

Also feeling like an adult because I look foward to new Febreze scents & laundry detergent

Twitter: @queenelviraa

Enter to #win @Purex PowerShot detergent at Heck Of A Bunch @partymix25 US #giveaway

Twitter: @myfolly

Enter to win @RockinGreenSoap laundry detergent from Confessions of a Frugal Mind @JulsB20 #giveaway

Twitter: @8pack

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