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still mind fucked on how laundry detergent stained one of my school shirts ..😡

Twitter: @Johnston98Tyler

I just started itching like crazy so I said "do you use tide laundry detergent?" And she goes "yeah!" I took that jacket off so fast!

Twitter: @KissMyKinkss

Printable #Laundry #Detergent #coupons

Twitter: @DirectCoupons

One time I ate laundry detergent and now, every time I go outside, houses talk to me.

Twitter: @barebeq

Lol my mom just put laundry detergent into the dishwasher

Twitter: @arshadlasi

RT @justforcoupons: #Homemade Laundry Detergent #Recipe - Homestead Wishing

Twitter: @simpson5921