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Law Enforcement on twitter
RT @boomiekid: Man killed by law enforcement under disputed circumstances and Twitter loses it's mind. Man murders 2 members of law enforce…

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Why does YC "Law" enforcement charge ppl 4 being in "gang" just cuz they're frm ghettos @ZavalaYCSO @EllaSogomonian

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RT @stopbeingfamous: According to a MXGM study, a black person is killed by law enforcement, vigilantes or security every 28 hours in the U…

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RT @Welcome2theBX: "You can have great regard for law enforcement and still want them to be held to high standards." #NYPD #myNYPD http://t…

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RT @Obama4More: Mayor @BilldeBlasio remind Pres of #NYCPolice Union that in AMERICA ppl have the RIGHT to protest! "Law Enforcement" ppl sh…

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Tsu doesn't sell your info to law enforcement. Why is Facebook spying on you?

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