Topic: Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement on twitter
Jury duty again👍 law enforcement keeps calling my name!

Twitter: @PrincesssJuliee

@fawnxvx I'm sure you can get in trouble with law enforcement for offering money to assault @RichardDawkins

Twitter: @initink

@seemakalia Exactly....the Postal Inspectors are a law enforcement arm rarely discussed.

Twitter: @David_Spellman

RT @kgosztola: Anti-Muslim racism escalates as more Americans think law enforcement is justified in engaging in profiling…

Twitter: @pete4peace

Major props to Sheriff Schmaling for addressing threat to law enforcement presented in DV situations, yet another reason to #ProtectWomen

Twitter: @ecornz

Absentee AG creates needless standoff btw law abiding citizens, law enforcement. Priorities matter. #WheresLuther

Twitter: @joe_hubbard