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One of my talents is my ability to start the lawn mower on the first pull every time

Twitter: @kevin_deebs

All a man needs is open country road, his lawn mower, & his woman following him on the golf cart. Lazy…

Twitter: @jessiepthomas

When the lawn mower runs out of gas & the gas can runs out of gas, guess the lawn isn't getting finished. #lazygirl

Twitter: @katiedbanks

Listening to pugs breathe sounds like someone is trying to start a very small, broken lawn mower.

Twitter: @uhhleeseeuh

^^^Me vs. Mower^^^ There is a reason my husband prefers to mow the lawn. Ummmm.... Can you see why? No…

Twitter: @kateymo3

Marriage is fun! Like arguing who gets to mow the lawn because we both want to use the new mower 😂

Twitter: @HappynessMagnet