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RT @ShiWantsTheC: When you're on your way to your Quince, but your dad remembers that he needs a new lawn mower #stopmexicangirls2014 http:…

Twitter: @PosAdrian2

@sawngbyrd28 you know I adore you. I will call Child Services on you if you allow that wet lawn mower voice to sing in front of the child.


Someone's riding a lawn mower on the road using it as a car? I must be getting closer to Hillsboro. #DriveHome

Twitter: @Jared_MacCheese

There's a guy riding around my neighborhood on his lawn mower. Why

Twitter: @MeganCharlton

Man 💀 “@FeliciaS_Ware: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"@_WolfOfTheYear: When you trying to recrank the lawn mower😭😭😭"”

Twitter: @LetsCROWN_ViC

The guy who cleans up my yard has a standing lawn mower so he basically skis behind it. How cool is that?

Twitter: @dark_victory