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@Tb40Too Sure. I have very reasonable fees. FREE! Don't want to be accused of practicing medicine without a license. Lol

Twitter: @charlotfan

CYLINDRICAL means that either don't have the license fees for the map over the further they get killed by some pixels in the prison floors.

Twitter: @tcrf_ebooks

@Shellroy2012 shid I paid the court fees in 2009 . I had pay $350 and get Sr50 plus take learner permit test to get license

Twitter: @100PureNofilter

MEMBER ACCESS: Higher license fees seem justified: It’s always with reluctance that we consider paying more fo...

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Charged for BBC license fees. This feels much like extortion.

Twitter: @gotcutoff

@pltodd2 @jeremycady It would seem most licenses with high fees are illegal due to the barrier created by the license

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