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@maraamritadyers Maybe the bbc will listen when people stop paying their license fees

Twitter: @_P_H_9_3_

Horry County to consider business license changes; fees to be addressed separately

Twitter: @johnnydswaffles

Bloomington to consider higher liquor license fees: Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol may soon take a hi...

Twitter: @LicorWarehouse

OMB is issuing technical correction to "Program Income" definition 200.80. License fees & royalties on patents & copyrights aren't prog inc

Twitter: @OCGDenitta

Went in to pay license fees, and got loot! RT @JACK_fm: Be a winner at the SD Humane Society in Escondido! #jackpack

Twitter: @devilbunni

@pmharper Would be a good idea not to kill them with exorbitant license fees & government red tape. More profit = more tax.

Twitter: @crawford_grant