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Life: I'm so grateful for the friends who have just sat and listened to me, I'm a total disaster and a half & new support systems are loved.

Twitter: @Laperrmmmyyyy

RT @dmcfadden20: Surround yourself with people that #motivate & #inspire you. Life is too short to waste time on those who do not support y…

Twitter: @_DeonnaPurrazzo

RT @ATLSportsNate: I just want everyone to know to continue encouraging people and being there for support will impact a person's life.

Twitter: @Mr_Celebrity1

if i get chosen, my life will be changed forever. i will update you guys if you are interested. all your support would be wonderful!

Twitter: @iamluckey

@MoTheHawk I think @Smedwicks is on life support from this statement :P

Twitter: @CrazyTank940

RT @DonnieWahlberg: Blown away by the #Love & well wishes! Nothing surprises me in life, but the support I've seen today is unreal. Thank y…

Twitter: @cortam89