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*takes picture of liquor* *stores bottle away at 45 degrees for proper aging*

Twitter: @casualpants

Small business & micro loans are the lifeblood of economic development. Seems as though all we can get financed is liquor stores, if that.

Twitter: @nummerealesetta

Any liquor stores by the Hilton Hotel by Niagara Falls? Let me know. Im bored and I will willingly turn up in the arcade.

Twitter: @The_TeenAge_FBI

the walgreens has a liquor store.. Why can't colorado walgreens have liquor stores?😩 haha

Twitter: @TanaReeezy_

drug stores need to be more like a liquor store. it could be like, yes, i am 21, yes i want all of this norco

Twitter: @sadgirlhouse

I hate that they liquor stores close at fucking 11 and 12 and don't be open on Sundays. So goofy man.!

Twitter: @_mylilsecrets_