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Volume Converter: Liter & Gallon (US Units and Imperial), Cubic Feet, Yards, & Meters #iPhone #ipad #app

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Fairly obvious fact that I’d never realized: improving economy = increase in garbage/recycling volume. Someone’s reading loan write ups!

Twitter: @juliainor

Probably the biggest unforeseen impact of ownership moving from the bank ledger to the blockchain would be destruction of loan volume, @ 1st

Twitter: @LDrogen

Higher rates, tighter qualification stds & unnecessaryburdensome regulations cause loan volume to plunge

Twitter: @verdant

15-30yr core $C w/4.2% move on collapsing loan volume and reserve release.

Twitter: @ShortTreasuries

Loan volume in Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, saw a 12.8% drop to $75.9B compared to the first three months of 2013

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