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Cannabis, also known as marijuanaCompact or ganja,The Oxford English Dictionary: Any of various preparations of different parts of the hemp-plant which are smoked, chewed, sniffed or drunk for their intoxicating or hallucinogenic properties and...
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Marijuana Caregivers Escape Colorado Crackdown: DENVER (AP) – Colorado has decided not to limit marijuana...

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Calling it a farm is misleading but here is more info on the medical cannabis proposal for @cottagegrovemn

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RT @RarestFacts: Eating a mango approximately one hour before smoking marijuana can heighten its effects.

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RT @jeremytopps: @JacsonBevens Not sure if you saw this:MT @josephstromberg: NFL forces players to prescr painkillers not medicinal mj http…

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RT @TIMENewsFeed: Marijuana-infused frozen pizza is every lazy stoner's dream come true

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On the money team baby 💸❤️

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