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Cannabis, also known as marijuanaCompact or ganja,The Oxford English Dictionary: Any of various preparations of different parts of the hemp-plant which are smoked, chewed, sniffed or drunk for their intoxicating or hallucinogenic properties and...
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Hilarious Photos About What's Better - Alcohol or Marijuana? You Decide Who wins

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RT @wakenkush: Fact: Girls that smoke marijuana are much more chill than the ones who don't.

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RT @KarenSloanNLJ: At least 5 law schools now offer marijuana law classes: A growing trend. (pun intended)

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Colorado Awards $8M for Marijuana Research

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Citing repressive failures and fiscal gains, @lemondefr editorial supports #marijuana legalization w/ state monopoly

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RT @TheKnowledge: Marijuana can increase IQ levels as much as 19%, (According to Japanese Researchers)

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