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Cannabis, also known as marijuanaCompact or ganja,The Oxford English Dictionary: Any of various preparations of different parts of the hemp-plant which are smoked, chewed, sniffed or drunk for their intoxicating or hallucinogenic properties and...
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RT @TheFactsBook: Marijuana is illegal but has never caused any deaths from usage, Cigarettes kills millions and they are legal and can be …

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RT @HuffingtonPost: Pity the Seattle marijuana shop workers rolling 12,000 joints for the Super Bowl

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RT @7Giocondo: “@SeanReezy25: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "@Reignzero: Don't know if marijuana or sharwarma"” hahahaha

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RT @weedfact: Despite these facts, Marijuana remains federally illegal....

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Marijuana Dreams / Dubblestandart #iTunes #iPhone #

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RT @UberFacts: The body naturally secretes a chemical similar to marijuana to help ease pain.

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