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Cannabis, also known as marijuanaCompact or ganja,The Oxford English Dictionary: Any of various preparations of different parts of the hemp-plant which are smoked, chewed, sniffed or drunk for their intoxicating or hallucinogenic properties and...

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RT @UberFacts: French people refer to "pot brownies" or other marijuana edibles as "space cakes."

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Married to the marijuana

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RT @SarcasmTxts: The only way Marijuana can kill you is if you get murdered by a serial killer whose name is Marijuana

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RT @alicewalton: Here's why synthetic marijuana (spice, K2) is so toxic to the brain. @Forbes @forbeshealth @ForbesW…

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@Sheelahk Join us #Seattle 9/23/14 #Investing #Marijuana #Cannabis PLZ RT

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Plant leaves look yellow with a few brown spots: So I'm about two weeks into flowering an... #marijuana #cannabis

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