Topic: Marine Mammals
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Marine Mammals on twitter
So apparently, wanting justice for marine mammals is cool. Wanting respect for women and disabled people makes me a "social justice crazy"

Twitter: @OMum22

#SeaWorld #Orlando protest happening NOW! PLEASE go be a voice if you can, the marine mammals NEED US!...

Twitter: @Active4Oceans

"Tired of waiting." BA supporting cruelty to marine mammals? via @UKChange

Twitter: @LeifB73

@walruswhisperer there r parallels btw how my kids & marine mammals r treated. SJ s/be intersectional @TheIzomo @Sam10k @jeffrey_ventre

Twitter: @OMum22

@OMum22 Women can talk and have a voice in society. Did marine mammals suddenly evolve? @walruswhisperer @Sam10k @jeffrey_ventre

Twitter: @TheIzomo

@TheIzomo @walruswhisperer so social justice for marine mammals is ok but not for women?? Wonder what @Sam10k & @jeffrey_ventre think.

Twitter: @OMum22