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Just found a fire cracker in a pocket of my jacket, can anyone explain that? I blame alcohol for memory loss

Twitter: @forealziesdayle

He said even tho I have short term memory loss I will always remember my lil henica hate when people say that -.-

Twitter: @JenicaHernande1

@Jeff_Eyerman hahaha he said that after he yelled at me for throwing that clearly ur brain has memory loss

Twitter: @codywebb1

@IaiGeriKicks Vell Oui...but it isn't zhe typical loss of memory you hear of, Monsieur. It iz knowledge of who in vas, in my last life.>

Twitter: @EnigmaticFeline

@EnigmaticFeline *He nods, understanding the situation* Why not go back there Arielle? Are you still suffering memory loss?

Twitter: @IaiGeriKicks

@shurleeshruthi @pavithrachandr5 @sisiddpriya @Ag77Gupta Hehe! That's why!! Pavi, sorry to say, but I hv a short term memory loss prblm!

Twitter: @j_janhvi