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@SydneyGorex3 your mom said you have memory loss, she fixed you chicken n dumplings the other day

Twitter: @hopekirkx3

@owls_4life @PCGuru07 I can believe I had forgotten about him already memory loss the first sign of old age 😄

Twitter: @malcolm_fox2

A man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes tattoos to hunt for man ... ^There's an Indian movie with same plot?!?!

Twitter: @Luxoriite

I remember how hard I cried to leave him.I tried not to cry but I memory loss has made the memories like...

Twitter: @LohrSnl

Memory loss at high altitude is a bane.. yet some memories always come back to haunt you.

Twitter: @typo_wale_baba

@_mediinaa_ "she has short term memory loss"

Twitter: @Adna_Dolic

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