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'''Methamphetamine''' (methylamphetamine or desoxyephedrine), popularly shortened to meth and also nicknamed "ice", is a psychostimulant and sympathomimetic drug. The dextrorotatory isomer dextromethamphetamine can be prescribed to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, though unmethylated amphetamine...
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@hueynym @MatthewModine @Bad4Glass What if methamphetamine manufacturers funded #BreakingBad just to sell more methamphetamine?

Twitter: @PierceLilholt

Glad I didn't sign Christopher Hughton the fucking nutcase, found out he deals methamphetamine! #lufc #breakingbad

Twitter: @OfficialCellino

Wingham Free Press: Mark Thompson - Methamphetamine, Sawed-off Shotguns, Trafficking, Etc via @sharethis

Twitter: @winghamfreepres

RT @MatthewModine: “@Bad4Glass: @PierceLilholt It's like thinking methamphetamine will lead to happiness & serenity.” Wait- what? You mean…

Twitter: @PierceLilholt

BEFORE you buy your American Dream Home make sure you pay $50 to have it tested for Methamphetamine! #AmericaOnDrugs

Twitter: @JohnnySoftware

100% going Vogue tonight as a methamphetamine chef

Twitter: @GeorgeWood_