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RT @alexfelsky: Andrea Horwath's question to the Premier about hydro rates: “Middle class families are already being squeezed and... http:/…

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RT @leticiavdp: You better believe it. I'm not afraid to tackle the issues affecting Texas middle-class families. #TeamLVP…

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RT @lilkuo: Global consumption of painkillers has more than tripled since 1993; middle-class families in Asia are driving growth http://t.c…

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RT @papicek: HT @GoddamnedBear "two-income middle-class families who’ve been priced out of the market"

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What Wedding Rings Say About China's Economy: As Chinese middle class families, particularly aunties, bought u...

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Probably the best read (albeit a politically correct one) about the push to carve out a new city in ebr parish

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