Topic: Minimum Wage
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@kbrook_15 ugh I'm a freaking supervisor and get paid minimum wage

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RT @MotherJones: Restaurant CEOs make more money in half a day than their employees make in a year…

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RT @erinhaust: Plan to go solo on immigration? Check. Outrage re: minimum wage? Check. Tee time booked? Check. Strategy to deal with ISIS…

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RT @DrGottaLove: @Mick_Dees yup lets raise minimum wage and then higher the price of living and completely screw over anyone with a skilled…

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RT @weknowwhatsbest: Jen Psaki said the president is "concerned" about ISIS' latest beheading, but outraged over the current minimum wage …

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Hiking L.A.'s minimum wage is a no-brainer - Of all major cities... #AfricanAmerican #LosAngeles #MayorEricGarcetti

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