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Talk about increasing minimum wage from $7.25 brings immediate push back for "small business" even tho we know $25 an hour is livable wage.

Twitter: @AmyStephen

This is what happens when Robot Rick Scott is forced by voters to talk about the minimum wage.

Twitter: @pushingrope

@demoxteam minimum wage is also like 6$..

Twitter: @CristianoEvox

@no_ReGretz91 @jdubcity35 I'd call them guys who get paid minimum wage, not $10m.

Twitter: @MarkMaddenX

RT @Avitusparta: Minimum Wage rises have been below inflation every year of Tory rule,Bankers' Bonuses rise by 64% in just 1 year,

Twitter: @lloydeeze33

RT @RichardOHornos: 📝The Plum Line: "What #Republicans don’t get about the #MinimumWage " by @paulwaldman1 #RaiseTheWage #TNTweeters http:/…

Twitter: @cristoramirez15