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Complaint ID: 1106793 Company: #nationstar_mortgage Product: #mortgage Issue: #loan_servicing_payments_escrow_account

Twitter: @cfpb_complaints

@ASH_x_2 If you are making your mortgage payments every month you are doing better than a lot of people.

Twitter: @AgentOfNonsense

I've been in my house 4 years. I've paid almost $32k in mortgage payments in that time and my principle has gone down $7k #math

Twitter: @ASH_x_2

Complaint ID: 1102584 Company: #bank_of_america Product: #mortgage Issue: #loan_servicing_payments_escrow_account

Twitter: @cfpb_complaints

Choking on #mortgage payments? Sounds like it's time to #downsize!

Twitter: @West_of_the_405

More U.S. home buyers are taking advantage of favorable conditions like low down payments and mortgage rat...

Twitter: @CindyKojm