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@BritishWarlock "Yes, let's hope so." As they walk in, he uses his powers to disable the security cameras and motion sensors.

Twitter: @AvengingXmen

#TipThursday Install motion sensors to keep your home secure and save on your electric bill!

Twitter: @SummerRainSpri

@_audii_ motion sensors?? damn that's crazy haha. Where's the free back massager. Lol.

Twitter: @Jonbby

Shot the poor German kid cus motion sensors he installed alerted him of a presence. 4 times with the shotty.

Twitter: @JahKwez

RT @JohnHarrobin: Nuts … @nfl players wearing sensors in shoulder pads to measure speed, acceleration & distance covered:…

Twitter: @TimothyBoylan

From motion sensors to glass-shattering pens, @IDCrimeFeed has gift ideas for @DiscoveryID addicts everywhere! [BLOG]

Twitter: @DiscoveryComm