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Playing pc games can be made more exiciting if they can be released in 3D and with motion controlling sensors.

Twitter: @AgamStark

Even with motion sensors and cameras, I feel like when I come downstairs to get food, I'm being watched through the windows in the kitchen.😨

Twitter: @machinegunernie

Fuckin rich people. They jus set so many alarms I'm trapped in my room. If I leave, motion sensors set it off. I'm in prison!

Twitter: @StickyIckyNiki

Our new kitchen sink has motion sensors as well and touch sensors and it really is just kinda inconvenient at times 😒

Twitter: @Bronti_Belanger

The freezer isle at target lights up as i walk past it. Maybe it's motion sensors or, perhaps, i am the pizza roll diety

Twitter: @Fabrizzio_Subia

@LOL_Donkaments Be patient. When ArcLight takes over there will be a border fence complete with miniguns w/ motion sensors on them #chaos

Twitter: @ArcLightInst