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lysophosphatidylinositol: When I die put motion sensors around my grave and when someone walks nearby make...

Twitter: @PJaqueline94

The LeapTV Transforming Controller brings quality to their TV time with motion sensors that connect to their...

Twitter: @carol_s_meadows

So Matt's fancy Xbox has, like, motion sensors and the thing keeps beeping at me and turning on. It's a bit creepy.

Twitter: @LJRotter

@SolidKryptonian -- several motion sensors that were scattered and hidden(even though they could both see them). Atom turned his head --

Twitter: @FuryOfAtom

Surveillance cameras at the spot, motion sensors. @ Washington D.C. (SouthEast)

Twitter: @GLEETCHlE

Instead of annoying motion sensors, why don't automatic paper towel rolls just dispense a new section every time someone tears one off?

Twitter: @lwslade401