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Found a couple job leads, then #spikeball, river tubing, and about to mountain bike Twin Buttes. That's what a call a Friday.

Twitter: @ZackNoonan : Mountain Bike! Florida, 2nd: A Guide to the Classic Trails Mountain Bike! Florida, 2n...

Twitter: @AlenaB8

Cracked my top tube in my mountain bike. Fucking hell.

Twitter: @CaptainFleming

Awesome 20.5 mile mountain bike ride through the mountains of Lake Raystown today with 1,850 feet of…

Twitter: @JNazarak642

Montague Paratrooper Pro 18″ Military Mountain Folding Bike

Twitter: @Consumer_champs

It's been 4 month now that I have owned a road bike, and I'm all set to ride to Bear Mountain for the…

Twitter: @itsneilb