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RT @ceegiles: You cant go to the movie theater without getting a coke icee.

Twitter: @HeyZachAttack

You know it's bad when cast members at the movie theater recognize you. 😳

Twitter: @idkjade

do you ever get a specific craving for those shitty movie theater 'nachos'

Twitter: @anoddsuperhero

#Hollywood #Celebrity Take a Tour of the Coolest Movie Theater on Earth

Twitter: @lifeFithealthy

@TIMAtheRACER you bought movie theater food? smh what is wrong with you?

Twitter: @92Chill

A 70 yr old white man shoots another white man in a movie theater over texting on his phone and yet no one screamed: WHITE ON WHITE CRIME!

Twitter: @aliciafiasco

Movie Theater Books
Principles of Microeconomics
N. Gregory Mankiw, $55.95
Principles of Microeconomics, 7th Edition
N. Gregory Mankiw, $184.00
Principles of Economics
N. Gregory Mankiw, $89.00
The Wednesday Wars
Gary D. Schmidt, $1.83