Topic: Muscle Weakness
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Muscle Weakness on twitter
#KaciHickox no fever =/= no Ebola: hiccups rash bruising weakness sore throat dehydration diarrhea cough Joint/muscle/stomach/headache etc..

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No shirt, tattoos, and a muscle back>>>> My weakness 😋😚💋

Twitter: @Elle_Kay_Eff

Does an intense #workout leave your #muscles feeling #drained? Low levels of vitamin D may be to blame!

Twitter: @isagenix

Loss of muscle coordination and muscle weakness has been shown as signs of malfunctioning mitochondria #cellvote2014

Twitter: @yhs_ribosomes

Cushing's Syndrome: proximal muscle weakness, central adiposity, thinning of skin, weight gain, and psych problems

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Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) is a poison and can spread past the muscle that it's intended for, causing weakness in your other muscles

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