Topic: Muscle Weakness
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@EmpireFOX @EmpireWriters The name means MYO - muscle ASTHENIA - weakness GRAVIS - grave .... literally "grave muscle weakness"

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(I've been diagnosed with FM 6 times since 1997) It started back in Feb with intense muscle weakness, spasms, cramping and what I call

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Muscle weakness stop you from getting in or out of bed as much as you want? Try this: #AtHomeCare #BedroomSafety

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#HealthFact The nutrients gained with a Mediterranean diet may reduce a senior’s risk of developing muscle weakness by about 70 percent.

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RT @VaxCalc: Recognize & report vaccine reactions: Muscle weakness (hours, days or weeks following vaccination) #CDC…

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I have a general muscle weakness. I could use a fully manual wheelchair, but I'd have to have someone push me on everything but hard floors.

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