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VKON™ China Commodity Index; Natural Resources = 10% Consumer [Builders] * Resources Needed = 1% Pharmaceuticals [Oil+Articles Made of Skin]

Twitter: @CarlosMBorbon

The Zionists thrives off stolen industry, and natural resources like water and gas just like the Daesh.

Twitter: @ZeidanY

VKON™ China Commodity Index II (32); Revenues (Natural Producing Resources) = $5.000 T & Expenditures (Resources Needed-Famine) = $14.100 T

Twitter: @CarlosMBorbon

Girls easy with pictures showing too much natural resources. Chiiko.

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The Resource Raiders enjoyed another day of saving energy and natural resources with Kings Junior High School and St Therese School!

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RT @1ov3vol: The land is always yours, the natural resources worth way moor than the paper currency they trick people into thinking they ne…

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