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@EastOfBrussels @RebHarms @vorobyov @juergvollmer It's a army of people on several levels. Big issue is also "reader comments" in newspapers

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RT @This1sally: @The_Animal_Team any journalists in #tunstall able to help with write up/appeal for online press, local newspapers etc?

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RT @keThaboM: Newspapers RT @Enigmatic_Edd: I need to start reading books. My grammar is not on point at all.

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RT @Catpaulchen: RT @StarTrek How newspapers responded to the cancellation of Star Trek w the help of fans. Details at…

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Tribune newspapers worth $635 million, analyst says - With Tribune... #Chicago-basedTribuneCo #TribunePublishing

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RT @This1sally: Could you Pls rt & fav my *PREVIOUS* tweets 2 radio stations & newspapers re 1wk old pups in tunstall? 380+ notifications m…

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