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@Slygirl08 I start a housefire with a load of newspapers and lie down in the bath, waiting for the carbon minoxide to work its magic

Twitter: @The_Jivemaster

Newspapers should start using emojis

Twitter: @MichaelDes2015

If that photo is in newspapers tomorrow with people thinking it is Cheryl it will make my week omg

Twitter: @HanAloud

@tejucole "… and I have often wondered why newspapers did not contain wires from Italy reporting flights of storks…"

Twitter: @siobhanphillips

RT @twerkinwith5: #rememberwhenourfandom when niall started calling us crazy mofos and the newspapers just

Twitter: @fistbumplouis

RT @YeaahWhat: @WatsTheMata A perfect cover page title for tomorrows newspapers would be "He Tried"

Twitter: @WatsTheMata

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