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RT @shreyaghoshal: Forgotten. Why? Coz it was my dad who informed me that today. No mention of it anywhere in any newspapers or online or t…

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Are the Free @PeopleDailyKe copies meant for motorists alone? Never seen the vendors dish the newspapers to guys on footsubishi. @Ma3Route

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#_TheGoodLuckThumb #news - Stakeholders see double taxation as challenge to REITs investment #nairapark #newspapers

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@Magpie1954nBird @Cygnatius @JulieBishopMP Yes, on all stations and newspapers. Can only get the fact on Twitter and Facebook now.

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#_TheGoodLuckThumb #news - Developers devise new offerings to attract buyers #nairapark #newspapers

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Messinian newspapers 23/1/2015

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